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4's rob fladeboe is live tonight in san jose. rob what is the latest? the object of the amber alert, this white 2006 jeep liberty was located just before noon here in the parking lot of a southside apartment complex on amargoza court with the baby still inside. about 5 hours earlier, just after 6:30 monday morning, 11-month old gabriella quintero was in her carseat in the back of that s.u.v. parked here in the driveway of the family residence on amador court. as her mother went inside for something, police say a woman on foot got behind the wheel of the jeep and sped away. an amber alert and the child's photo and susepct vehicle information was flashed across the bay area. one of many tips led police to where gabriella was found. christina calleros saw the rescue unfold. it's not clear what led the suspect vehicle here to amargoza court, some five miles from the baby's home in east san jose. police could be seen going door to door canvassing the neighborhood, taping off large section of the sprawling complex. the white s.u.v. hauled away for a more thorough inpsection. the disticnti
news. this is the live scene of a stabbing in san jose. the view from our helcopter partnership with abc7 news. the hilltop manner senior apartments was found with stab wounds. this investigation is ongoing. this is the eighth homicide of the year in the san jose. now at five ♪ a powerful farewell to fallen santa cruz police detectives butch baker and beth butler. the memorial at san jose's h=p pavilion filled with peace officers from across the state, the emotional peak coming as butler's young son wore his mother's police cap while his father delivered a passionate farewell. and justin waldman is live outside of the scene at the service. justine? >> reporter: they came united to honor the slain officers. the emotions inside were carried from outside. right after the memorial service and all of the law enforcement agencies formed a tunnel. and the cars that were carrying the families. hundreds of them were in a salute as the cars drove by. there was also a fly over with one half dozen helicopters. many enforcement up and down california from the bay area and even in neighbori
will continue to have cooler weather coming up. >> catherine: a man was shot to death this morning in san jose. it happened around 4:30 a-m on murtha drive near capitol avenue. police found the body of a hispanic man in the middle of the street. investigators still have no idea what happened. this was the ninth homicide this year. >> catherine: san jose business and labor leaders say an increase in the minimum wage will be an economic stimulus. workers at phil's coffee in downtown san jose are among the thousands who now have a pay hike from 8 to 10 dollars an hour. the increase took effect today. the controversial 'measure d' was on last fall's ballot - and was passed by just over 60-percent of voters. for many workers - it means as much as an extra $80 a week. >> living in the san jose is not cheap and we're all also students. we can go out a little bit more and it all adds up. >> catherine: the city's downtown association was among the business groups at first opposed to the measure. but members now say it's a good thing-- and hope that workers will spend the extra money in san jose. >> cat
the h-p pavillion in san jose with reaction from fans. rob? >> yes. and a local favorite and no. 12 is playing right now against no. 5 university of nevada/las vegas. we are outside the hov pavilion. this is the no. 3 of the for this is the west entrance. it is hosting the n.c.a.a. tournament for the third time. they have been building all day. with some even illegal tailgating and the manager let the march madness began! >> go ducks. >> two words. march madness. fans from across the country converging on hp pavilion for opening round games between local favorite cal and u.n.l.v., new mexico state versus st. louis, oklahoma state up against oregon and montana versus syracuse, whose fans claim to bleed orange. >> the hat, the shorts, the hoodie, the wrist band and the soulful cover and the -- smart phone cover and my socks and my smart phone wallpaper >> reporter: tickets to witness the madness were going for between $25 and $150 bucks a pop. what makes this rite of >> the sun is out it is a beautiful day and we are in san jose at our docks are going to go all the way. >> we get to
was arrested on campus today for bomb threats made at the school yesterday and today administrators in san jose's east side union high school district are trying to explain how a registered sex offender managed to ride a school bus with high school students. kron 4's dan kerman is here with the story. and what's being done about it. >> reporter: it began with a group of high school students going on a school sponsored field trip to de anza college. these were freshmen. anyway, after the tour the students boarded the bus to head back, but at the time, a staff member spotted a volunteer parent who had no ride. this parent is wheelchair bound and was with another person who was helping her. the staff member let both aboard the bus. well now it turns out that the person helping the wheel chair bound parent is a registered sex offender. school administrators say the staff member violated policy by letting the two on board. that said, school officials say the sex offender had no contact with students >> at no time, based on the preliminary investigation did this person have any interaction with stude
at julian stret in san jose. julian street to autumn street.which leads the procession to hp pavilion. it's a 33 mile trip.and speeds will only be about 30 - 4o miles per hour. drivers will not be allowed to pass vehicles in the motorcade - more than 200 law enforcement vehicles are expected to take part. >> pam: again -- you can watch the service for the murdered santa cruz officers live on kron 4's 24-7 bay area news channel -- comcast 193. it will also be streaming live on our website >> right now - richmond police are on the hunt for a criminal who burglarized an officers home -- killed his puppy -- and poisoned a department k-9. kron 4's justine waldmdan has new details on the disturbing crime. >> reporter: this k-9 is a beloved member of the richmond police department. this is a video showing his recovery after the attack, that almost killed him. >> it seems it was intentional cruelty to the animals bc not necessary to posion the dogs to break in to the house >> reporter: lt. bisa french tells me the officer's 2 year old black lab, named trax did not survive the posioning
, justin waldman, kron 4. >> pam: san jose police say, they've solved two recent murders. this person is behind bars accused of a stabbing a man to death. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc7 news. the victim -- in his twenties was found near guadalupe oak grove park. on wednesday. and an arrest also made in another murder. this woman is behind bars -- accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death in his apartment. this was the scene yesterday. the victim -- who suffered from dementia -- went missing back in early february. police say, at some point over the last few weeks, he showed up without anyone noticing. and was killed. this marked san jose's eighth homicide of the year. >> hello and happy friday this is a live look at the golden gate. no clouds. we did see partly cloudy conditions but temperatures are looking more mild. the wind gusting at 15 mph. half moon bay nearly 30 m.p.h. 12 m.p.h. hayward, redwood city, 28 m.p.h.! we are looking have plenty of sun but if you're going to go to lake tahoe? look for some pop up storms. around strawberry and live canyon for
in the coming days. j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> catherine: developing tongiht out of san jose. police are on the hunt for the person who stabbed a woman to death. this happened just before three on north first, at west hedding streets. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc7 news.e times. the victim was stabbed multiple times. now here is a map of the area. the stabbing took place in a parking lot outside of an apartment complex. police shut down nearby streets and were looking for him in the area. no word on a motive yet. >> a rockslide on highway 101 in sausalito left a man hurt, and severely damaged his s-u-v. it happened just before 5- am. one of the biggest boulders was three feet by three feet. a kron4 morning crew was there live on the scene just minutes the hillside was still settling. and >> reporter: we hear some of these rocks coming down right now. they are coming down as we speak. >> catherine: we will hear from the man that was involved with that crash. the weather is getting nine stores this weekend. a beautiful shot of downtown san francis
of a woman stabbed to death in san jose. say their loved one live in fear for years. then. >> a life for a life. >> pam: the georgia mother. whose baby was shot talks about the young teens accused in the murder. new tonight -- we are getting our first look at the suspects. we continue to follow breaking news tonight with a bb shot in the neck. the gunman is still on the loose the baby is in serious condition. this is aerial video shot by our partners at abc seven news. on the right is exclusive of video. keep it here much more on this breaking news ahead. at 5:30 only on kron 4 you will hear from the baby's family. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! don't stress. we can figure this out. [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ i really like your new jetta! and you want to buy
is in san jose 1800 of the officer involved shooting 1800 block of almaden road we have a news crew on the way and this is our helicopter part issue with abc 7. we will have more details for you. and also coming up new at six. the first pictures of the little girl berkeley's lawrence hall of science. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. a in a this is in san jose they are investigating a shooting with a officer involved shooting 1800 block of almaden roa
and former san jose city councilman entered guilty pleas to 13 felony and misdemeanor charges in connection with his alleged use of thousands of dollars of public funds and campaign contributions to gamble at casinos. in exhange for the guilty pleas, shirakawa received a guarantee of no time in state but he'll have to make full restitution to taxpayers and campaign donors. >> people wrote checks to him they thought that they were supporting his campaign. instead they were supporting his gambling habit that went through the slush fund that was never made public that he was taking in money under false pretenses. >> reporter: the d.a's office also revealed that it is investigating shirakawa in connection with some 400-thousand dollars in gambling winnings. no comment from shirakaw on that either as he left court. he will return to court and assuming that there is no new charges he faces one possible year in the county jail. rob fladeboe, kron 4. >> catherine: a north bay community is mourning the the death of a santa rosa teenager. he was one of two people killed by an out of control race car
average prices are right now. san francisco: $4.25 san jose: $4.18 and oakland: $4.17 more bay area news-- u-c santa cruz police say, a campus rape that was reported two weeks ago-- was a hoax. police say, the unidentified woman. admitted to investigators that she staged the attack. the university police chief says, the matter has been forwarded to the santa cruz district attorney's office for possible prosecution. the woman could face criminal charges for submitting a false report. >> on to a developing story-- history unfolded in europe today. pope benedict the 16th has officially retired. until a successor is named, the catholic faith and its one-point-two billion followers are without a leader. here is the latest on today's final farewell. swiss guards close the door on castel gandolofo, marking the end of pope benedict xvi's reign. he is officially retired and assumes the new title of pope emeritus. >> i am no longer the pope, but i'm still in the church. i'm just a pilgrim that is starting the last part of his pilgrimage on this earth. (voice of translator) >> reporter: thousands l
francisco -- it's 4.19 a gallon. in san jose -- 4.07, and oakland -- 4.06. those prices down about 5- cents from a week ago. >> the pleasanton preschool, where a teacher was accused of duct-taping a student who refused to take a nap, has now re-opened.. kron4's will tran was at centerpoint christian school this morning. premises is video this event was so shocking that it was the school debt imposed a four day shutdown of some of the teachers can go through an intensive three note session. they brought in experts. this three day session -- 40 session. earlier, these parents and teachers got together and were exchanging photographs of cellphones. and one of the parents have recognized the two year-old it that it was their own child. the police department and then got involved. we spoke with a parent this morning this is what she had to say. >> i feel really confident that they have spent five these reviewing and improving and making sure that this never happens again. i feel very comfortable with that they are great teachers i love it here. i know that they will treat my kids fine. >> report
view from the south bay -- in san jose. and a live shot from our camera in san francisco. jacqueline bennet is tracking this storm. jacqueline, where is the storm now? >> jacqueline: there could be some light of sprinkles. and plenty more rain fall on the way. here is a look at the light showers. as we go towards the san mateo coast. light rainfall also along the san mateo coast. for tonight and tomorrow for rainfall is kind of all around us at that point. the tail end of this system is over california on it and well offshore. continuing to press into the bay area tonight and tomorrow. to pinpoint these schuller's through the north bay. for the next couple of hours. widespread. we will time it out on futurecast but right now. kron4's charles clifford is pacifica --- he's tracking the conditions there. >> reporter: yes. it is raining all along the coast i am not far from the pacifica pier. just from the last 10 minutes it has been a light rain. earlier, it was nice. but perhaps in the last 30 minutes it has cooled off. i have been watching the radar images. it looks like that it is of
is on the way. this is a live picture from our camera atop mount tamalpais. now a live look at san jose. clear skies. for now. and a live picture of the san francisco skyline. again -- nice weather, but you better get out and enjoy it before it's gone. for a look at when the showers will roll in -- jaqueline bennet is standing by in the weather center, with the wet weekend forecast. >> jacqueline: earlier today it was nice but closer to the coast we can see the clouds along the golden gate. take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with increasing clouds. the stormtracker 4 radar showing the clouds are right off the coast. this next wave over the next couple of hours. the satellite showing that these showers are going to be coming up the coast. as we take a wider view on the satellite and radar is pretty expansive impacting us saturday, sunday. it could be more impact on sunday, indiana saturday. temperatures, not even 80s in napa. it will be more impact full on the sunday-- then saturday. these warm temperatures are also going to be cooler for this weekend. here is a look at futurecast. a bit
and after the chase. saturday afternoon san jose police killed a suspect who polcie say did not stop when officers tried to pull him over, then rammed a police cruiser, which led to a high speed chase. police eventually cornered the suspect, and two officers shot him after they say he made a threatening motion. late saturday night in union city.two officers killed a man who they say he pointed a gun at them. police say the suspect ran after being pulled over.and that the suspect's gun was loaded. finally early sunday morning.a hayward police officer shot a man who officials say hit the officer's cruiser during a traffic stop. that makes five officer involved shootings since thursday night,,, and four in just over 24 hours - saturday into sunday. >> pam: right now -- kron4 is tracking a storm headed to the bay area. you're looking live from our cameras in san francisco -- i'm here in the weather center with jacqueline bennet. >> jacqueline: this system is moving into the bay area tomorrow. futurecast with increasing clouds. the rain is starting by 4:00 p.m. the 7:00 hour is fairly moderate
: a beautiful afternoon. this is the san jose not far from the guadeloupe overpass. this is the commute to direction. and the san mateo bridge stay with us. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. gabe slate tech report >> having an animal from missing is a constant fear. however, this is the pet tracking system. also that is on the rise -- gps verizon network.. you'll be able to track your pet on line. the paw print is indicating their location. if you set off an alert based on the parameters that you set up on your phone map. this is a great item. his power by the verizon this-is powered by the verizon network even know if you are not the verizon customers can still use this. >> this activit
through half moon bay. '70s in redwood city. '70s in san jose. a slight chance of sprinkles. as for take a look at the satellite and radar. the clouds are approaching the coast but mostly clear. they will continue to stream with the storm track well to the north. funneling that rainfall to the north. with some-tropical moisture. it will continue to move over us. and even the chance of light sprinkles. here is a chance of looking at increasing times for the 1:00 p.m. hour. the rainfall continuing. these temperatures are going to be continuing with the '60s and '70s. typically, these high temperatures will be at 3. '70s to cupertino. '70s to san jose. and for the east bay the same to the east bay. cooling down for the rest of the workweek. 60s in concord. 60s in livermore. herd north bound, southbound looking decent. >> pam: take a look. is looking decent. and the purple lanes are moving well. alan walnut creek, the 680/24 interchange. and the walnut creek. a bit sluggish. near the guadeloupe overpass. the headlights are moving southbound that is where is slow. the san mateo bridge, east o
an alaska airlines plane to make an emergency landing in san jose. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. passengers were safely evacuated from the plane at norman mineta international airport late this morning. shortly after take off-- the captain was notified of a fire in the right engine. the plane was removed from service -- no one was hurt. >> in a few weeks, airline passengers will be able to start carrying certain types of knives in their carry-on luggage. it's part of changes the tsa is making to it's prohibited items list. kron 4's charles clifford shows us what will and won't be allowed. >> reporter: the t s a wants to stop hockey fried items like explosives and start worrying about smaller items like knives. passengers are be able to carry small knives in their carry-on luggage. these are examples that will be allowed the blade has to be less than 6 cm. and also less than one- half of an inch wide. and it has to be a bendable foldable. and the handgrip cannot be molded. these are examples that will not be allowed. these blades are too wide, too long
. this is for fremont, san jose unified school district, walnut creek and to palo alto unified school district. while some districts said the reason for planning to cut or not cut jobs had to do with declining or increasing enrollment. another part of this. is prop 30. it prevented a 5-billion dollar cut to schools. and provides more funding for schools during the next seven years. school district told me that has made it possible for districts to more confidently budget for next year. these staff members who got pink slips will not necessarily lose their jobs -- some of them will move into other positions in the district. when the state budget picture is clearer. >> a wild police chase and taxi car-jacking leads to an officer involved shooting in san fracisco. the suspect.a 25-year old man you see here was eventually taken into custody. the whole ordeal started around 4:30 this morning in pacific heights. near jackson and buchannan streets. police say the suspect was jumping on the hood of a taxi. the cab driver gets out.confronts the suspect.who police say then jumps in the taxi.stealing itdrives o
that killed a man in san jose. in oakland, j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> pam: this man was found on fire this was right for 4:04 happened on the monterey highway. near curtner there could of been a suicide associated. a man is dead after he was found on fire. on a just before four a-m, about a fire on a trail just over highway -29 near trancas >> teacher accused of putting sleeping pills. in the 'sippy cups' of children at a childcare center, was in court today. kron four's rob fladeboe tells you about the plea entered by deborah gratz. and what prosecutors are saying say about the case. wearing a black jacket over a pink blouse and free on supervised 'own recognizance' since her arrest earlier this month, 59-year-old deborah gratz, of hollister, stood quietly during her brief arraignment at the south county courthouse in morgan hill. the veteran daycare teacher showed no emotion as her attorney entered a plea of not guilty. prosecutors have charged gratz with ten misdemeanor counts of child endangerment and assault. gratz was fired from her job here at the kiddie academy daycare
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21